Corona Virus and its Prevention

According to the media, the number of victims worldwide has increased from 78,600 to 6 in Iran and 2 in Italy. In addition to China, the deadly virus outbreaks are spreading worldwide, with 630 more confirmed cases of the virus in China. 28 people in Iran were confirmed to have coronary virus confirmed at a hospital in Qom, Iran. Isolated while the city’s educational institutions have been closed.
There have been two deaths from the Coronavirus in Italy, while the number of affected patients has risen to 79. Italy’s Prime Minister has announced a ban on visiting Corona virus-infected areas in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the deadly virus was reported in December and had engulfed thousands of people in just a few weeks.

The virus has killed 2465 people in China and affected more than 78,000 people worldwide.

Groundwater and air connections to other parts of the country’s most affected city of Wuhan are disconnected. Its residents are being discouraged, while air transport companies from many countries around the world have also closed their flights to China. 123 people have also been affected. While two cases of Karuna virus have been reported in Pakistan too, the Karuna virus has spread to five continents till now, both of which have been confirmed in Pakistan and returned to Iran a few days ago. Came. One of them is undergoing treatment at Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi and the other at PIMS Islamabad. Like Italy, the border with Iran has been closed. People coming from Heber are being tested at all airports and ports. The winning countries – the United States and France – are also infected with the virus, trying to figure out how the deadly coronavirus spreads from animals to humans.
According to a report, a flying batsman in a region of China left the Karuna virus in his sight. The virus fell to the forest floor, where a pangolin named animal got the virus from the waste. The infection spread to other animals. The infected animals became infected by humans, and the disease began to spread to humans and started to spread in the world.
Difficulties are many, but to solve them and to cope with them, we all have to be aware of the disease and take precautionary measures in any condition. People should do their tests immediately in case of diarrhea, fever, body ache, vomiting, use a mask, and refrain from mixing until wholly cleared. We have to protect ourselves from this disease, so we have to take all precautions to protect ourselves from danger and fear. To protect ourselves from this disease, we need to keep ourselves clean of the yellow body and keep ourselves pure. The best way to get rid of cotton is wudu. We can keep ourselves safe by drinking wudu in the morning. Drinking water early in the morning, it says that eating onions eliminates diseases, so eat onions with salad. This season, the use of mixture increases more in salads because some people also use lemons, Use apple vinegar as well as all these things because they eliminate the viruses and germs. The virus has not made any medicine yet, but let’s hope that this dangerous virus becomes more and more common in people with this disease. May Allah give them a speedy recovery.

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