How Much Exercise Is Enough For Your Body

Juan Francesco Marco, a professor of sports science, training, and fitness in Madrid, Spain, says the problem is that conflicts of interest arise when it comes to exercise. You have to decide whether you want the beauty of the body or you want to create strength within yourself. There are three types of bodies that are based on somatotype – genetic and physical behavior. In the first place are the “active morphs” – the kind of beings who are thin and tall and

They have a tendency to remain thin ‘their limbs are long, and the breast is flattened, and muscle flesh is difficult to grow. The best sports in terms of performance can be swimming and cycling. However, these people should strengthen their muscles under the Weight & Strength program. The other “endorphins” are substances like “these guys are small and round bodies.” They have a prolonged metabolism, which causes fat accumulation in the body and muscle in this type of organization. Grow very easily. These types of people need a routine of exercise that emphasizes cardiovascular endurance. The third is the “mesomorph,” which means those who have this type of body get the most physical benefits. These people can become athletes without any effort. The best exercises for these types of organizations are sports that use endurance and strength and continue to work out alternative activities that include muscle texture and cardiovascular endurance. Tennis, football, rowing, and triathlon are great games for such people.

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