The symptoms of diabetes that you focus on can help you avoid significant harm

There are some diseases whose symptoms appear before the illness, but in ignorance, we do not give importance to them, and in the future, they do great harm. Likewise, diabetes is a deadly disease, but the symptoms begin to appear. We do not pay attention to it because of deep academic knowledge. Let us tell you about the symptoms of diabetes. Increased thirst and urine intensity When blood glucose levels rise, our kidneys try to excrete it from the blood but fail and

They push it in the urine, which causes the urine to become more frequent. With this, the body is dehydrated, and the thirst intensifies. Excess appetite Our body needs insulin so that it can store the proper amount of glucose in the cells so that it can be used in time, but in the case of diabetes, it affects the body. If you do not find strength, then hunger increases. Weakness and fatigue As stated, hunger increases due to lack of required glucose levels in the cells, but it also causes a feeling of weakness in the body as well as fatigue. Rapid Weight Loss If glucose is released from the body instead of stored, excess urine is causing the body to lose energy, and the cells are weakening, which can appear as a rapid weight loss. Listening to different parts When blood glucose levels increase, it blocks the signals sent to the brain from different parts of the body, which can cause organs to begin to grow. Often, the feet or hands can suffer. Impaired blood glucose levels can also have adverse effects on the eyes, and symptoms of diabetes appear in the case of poor eyesight. Delaying wounds The University of Warwick’s research revealed that the scars of diabetics are caused by late injuries, which are due to the weakness of white cells. Increased Infection Diabetes also weakens our immune system and increases the chance of infection in the body. Drying of the skin Our collection contains 50 to 70% water, but due to excess urine, the body is dehydrated, and our skin becomes dry.

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