The treatment of acute depression is further enhanced by magnetic force

It should be noted that the treatment of depression by magnetism is called “TMS” and approved by the US Agency for Food and Agriculture (FDA) for the treatment of acute depression. Don’t be an idiot.

Under the “TMS” method, a magnetic coil is placed over the patient’s head, creating a magnetic field of high intensity, which is less relevant to the symptoms of depression in the patient and the patient’s overall health Or more.
The magnetic field produced in the coil affects the parts of the patient’s brain that cause depression and gradually returns to a healthy state. However, in TMS, this procedure is performed once daily and repeated for up to six weeks. However, the success rate in this method of treatment is only about 33%, which is quite low.

Dr. Nolan Williams of the Stanford University School of Medicine, California, decided to try this approach a bit differently, because of some of his earlier observations: one day a day on the brains of patients suffering from acute and untreated depression. Magnetic energy was concentrated ten times a day, while this process continued for five days.

After testing this modified technique on 21 patients, 19 of them were completely cured.

The results of this critical research breakthrough have been published in the latest issue of the “American Journal of Psychiatry.”

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