World Day of Abnormal Diseases

2015 is the eighth consecutive successful year in identifying rare diseases. This year, the theme of this day has been titled ‘Day by Day in Hand,’ which is a tribute to millions of parents, siblings, grandparents, grandparents, grandparents, relatives, and friends. Not only care for the affected but also caring for them and helping them fight the disease. More than 6000 types of uncommon diseases in Europe are directly over 300 million.

Affects people’s daily lives. Eighty-five percent of these diseases are known to have a genetic source, and other types are the result of bacterial, viral, and allergic infections, while up to 50 percent of uncommon diseases affect children. Being less aware of these diseases worldwide Medical skills are also thriving. Information is scarce and weak, and patient care is inadequate, and research for these diseases is limited. An example of what kind of suffering patients and their families have to face each day. The story of seven-year-old Arman Ahmed, who battles his unusual illness 24 hours a day, falsifies his doctors every day, and overcomes a deadly disease and begins a hopeful new day. There is no more significant challenge for Arman’s family than the disease, but these days they are fighting another war, this war is a cat Is to seed which has taken five years later. Would you like to know what this blue badge is and why Arman needs it? Blue Badge is the name of the UK’s Disability Parking Scheme, which is specific to registered people with disabilities. At the same time, a blue parking permit allows people to park free parking in the nearest parking lot to their desired location.
According to the article, Arman Ahmed is a resident of Leeds. The constant risk of infection is linked to the life of Arman Ahmed, yet he is happy and full of life. Arman is one of 14 people in the UK with the life-threatening skin disease ‘Harley Quinn X Thieves.’ Living together. In her seven-year short life, she has managed to overcome the deadliest infection, septicemia E. coli, and MRSA. Raman is said to love her family dearly. She needs to be bathed twice a day because of her skin condition and needs to be covered with a cream bandage every two hours. It also needs dressing at night so that its skin retains moisture, and the skin does not pose a risk of bleeding. But despite so much care and caution, Marnie’s family has failed to obtain a Disability Parking Permit. Arman’s mother, Gul Zeb Ahmed, says, “We live in the hope of a day when Arman will be helped from somewhere. Or he may be cured. He is a healthy and active child. He loves his school and the teacher, who cares about his needs even though he cannot play outside with his friends like normal children. All of this is very important to us. We cannot jeopardize its fragile skin and without the blue badge it will increase the risk of getting out of the house. The dog’s skin is 14 times faster than normal, which means that if he spends more time outside or stays in the sunlight, the sun’s heat and heat will lose his skin’s moisture. Which will cause her skin to burst and bleed.” Galeb said,” With the request for a renewal of the Disposable Parking Permit after their permit expired in April last year, we have been supporting doctors. And all of Arman’s illness petitions were submitted to the Council, but despite that his request was rejected and this month the Council again appealed to him. Has been rejected and refused to renew the permit. “The council spokesman says he is sympathetic to Arman but is unable to issue a parking permit because Arman does not meet the conditions of the exemption. Because the Blue Badge is specially designed for people who have mobility issues, such as the blind or disabled.

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